Photolanguage Projects

Calais Reconstruction, Calais, France 2000-01: For the Musée des Beaux Arts et de la Dentelle, Calais and the Galerie de L’Ancienne Poste, Calais we documented the post war reconstruction architecture of North Calais alongside a more idiosyncratic study of the plant life that inhabits its interstices. The exhibitions included photographic prints and ‘photo fragments’, wall mounted text, painted colour, projections and object artefacts. We also curated a small selection of art works from the permanent collection in an adjacent space, dating from the 18th century to the mid-20th century. A book of the project, Calais Vu Par was published by the Museum of Calais 2001.

Market Complex, Gloucester, UK 2002: Funded by South West Arts and Gloucester Arts this project involved a detailed documentation of the modernist, 1950s cattle market of Gloucester, shortly prior to its destruction. The exhibition in the Guildhall Gallery, Gloucester involved photography (colour, black and white, and ‘photo fragments’), text, samples of the fabric of the building and reproductions from an archival, architectural report on the building from the 1950s.

Copenhagen, Denmark 2007: In Copenhagen we were invited by the international artists’ group ‘Surface Tension’ to produce work about the city and exhibit in the context of the city’s Botanical Gardens. We used photography, made stereoscopic prints and gathered artefacts in both the botanical garden’s hothouses and the peripheral landscape of Christiania. In conjunction with the physical artefacts we also displayed ‘herbarium notes’ based on the notations of the 18th century botanist Pehr Forskaal made on his expedition to the Yemen.

Land Use Poetics I, Malmo/Lund, Sweden 2009: Initiated by Prof. Maria Hellström Reimer of the School of Arts and Communications, Malmo, ‘Land Use Poetics’ brought together 10 artists and architects to document changing patterns of land use in the Malmo agglomeration. Responding to an initial contact with the library of the Alnarp Agricultural College, we began by sampling colour from the covers of archival seed catalogues from the twentieth century. Elements of these samples were then montaged onto photographic documentation of the landscapes of the edge Malmo. Our exhibition at the Museum of the Sketch, Lund also involved stereoscopic prints, text and the installation of found, coloured wooden battens from the industrial zones of Malmo.

Land Use Poetics II, The Isle of Thanet, Kent UK 2010: In phase 2 of Land Use Poetics, we worked in Thanet, kent and displayed work in the Crate Space Gallery, Margate. In this project Photolanguage focused on the Wantsum Channel, the lost sea channel that once separated the Isle of Thanet from mainland England. We gathered plant specimens along this route and, in reference to the ancient fire beacon system of Thanet, set them alight, recording the smoke on a striated blackboard. Our exhibition also included the remains of the plant specimens, landscape photography combined with text from an old archaeological map found in a local book store, and manipulated fragments of map. A book of the project was published by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences 2010.

Calais Reconstruction 2001

Market Complex  2002

Copenhagen  2007

Land Use Poetics I 2009