Photolanguage, an art practice collaboration between Nigel Green and Robin Wilson, was established in 1998. Its aim is to develop radical methods for the documentation of place and engagement with institutional contexts.

Our work initially formed around a shared interest in the critical relationship between photography and urban space, and the potential of photography to challenge our habitual patterns of daily use and attention to the city. Through the experimental use of photography, text and found objects we construct alternative portraits of specific locations (including cities, landscapes or individual buildings).

Photolanguage promotes intuitive strategies of exploration, through a peripatetic gathering of evidence. We seek out authentic expressions of place, to bring to the surface suppressed narratives of identity, to revaluate the outmoded, to construct new meaning from the overlooked.

Key to our projects is the construction of a particular relationship between the ‘real’ and the ‘represented’. Our works of urban documentation are often exhibited in-situ, within the same city. In this way we aim for our exhibitions to directly engage with local communities and to form unexpected points of convergence between local social, political and historical forces. Our exhibitions present-back images, narratives and material samplings of the city in a way that questions established hierarchies, revisits forgotten spatial and institutional relationships and invents new ones.