Fragments – 1996

These images are made by exploiting the fugitive nature of the chemical silver print process. Begun in 1996, new bodies of work have been periodically added to form an ongoing archive. ‘Fragment’ images were also made for the Dungeness and Calais projects. The images are presented in groups and are usually displayed in vitrines or cases, often these are period objects indicative of the specific institution or space.  Each photograph is unique and is only a few centimetres in size.

This body of work and its material and conceptual implications informed the basis of my PhD proposal and outcome.

A short text by Joanna Lowry on the ‘Fragment” images, City Tracing – Time, Modernity and the Photographic Machine: the work of Nigel Green, was published in Insight (a publication by Photoworks) in July 1998.  See images below.

In 1999 a selection of ‘Fragments’ was included in the exhibition Inspirit: Contemporary Photography in the South East at Maidstone Museum and Art Gallery. The work was awarded 2nd prize.

In 2005 a solo show of the ‘Fragments’ was exhibited at the Permanent Gallery in Brighton with an introductory talk by David Chandler.  The exhibition was reviewed in Source magazine, issue 44 and the Architects’ journal 14/07/05.

Also in 2005, ‘Fragments’ was shown at Freshfields in London for Zelda Cheatle Gallery.

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